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End/Continue Print
25 USD

End/Continue Print

I sketched out this design in December of 2012, when talks about the end of the Mayan calendar got me thinking about time a little differently. It's difficult to imagine living outside of time—at least in the linear sense of it, as is often taken for granted. Every moment of the present is the juncture where the past and future meet, where I am ending and simultaneously beginning. Still, the mind wants to do a funny thing of grouping a bunch of presents into a second, a minute, a year, a lifetime. If I've survived each death of my past selves, couldn't I survive each of my future deaths?

Ending, beginning, and multiple states of being meet in this diagram. Own a piece of What Love Looks Like in a print that wants to be held, that wants to be seen with the naked eye.
  • Image adapted from the original design End/Continue
  • Limited edition of 52, no reprints.
  • Letterpressed with Ana Paula Sobral Cordeiro at the Center for Book Arts in New York City, and laser-cut with Rich Watts in Brooklyn on archival Magnani Revere Black 250gm.
  • 7x14"
  • Shipped flat-packed between 1/4" foamcore boards.
  • Also available as a framed print.